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My Story

I have always loved painting, drawing, and crafts. Ever since I was a child. I would spend many hours at my Nana’s doing crafts. She is where I get my ‘crafty side' from. THANK YOU NANA.....My mom likes to tell the story, to EVERYONE... that when I was 5 years old, I took a white crayon and drew a "self-portrait" on the back of my bedroom door.
(Apparently, my parents still have that door in their basement.)

Then Christmas 1990, I had what I thought was a great project for my little daycare kids to make for their parents for a Christmas gift... I found round glass ornaments in the store and had the kids paint them... THAT was a disaster, to say the least... they were so sad because their gifts didn’t look anything like what they imagined. So, I went to plan B. I asked the kids to draw their pictures and I would paint the ornaments for them. Their parents were so excited about their ornaments they requested I paint more, so they could give them as gifts to their friends and families.  A few years later I decided to try my first craft show. I was over the moon excited and humbled that people actually bought things that I designed and painted (my ‘creations’).

Every single day I am in my craft room. Every spare minute I can find, I am crafting. I often think, what on earth would I do with all these things I paint if I wasn't able to sell them?? I guess I would turn into a hoarder! You see, I have to paint. I NEED to paint. It is my therapy and my passion.....Painting is like breathing to me. It’s in my soul, in my heart..... my happy place. 

It has been many, many years since I started, but I am still painting, selling, and doing craft shows. I plan to continue this venture for many more exciting years.  It is only possible through the connections I have formed, and of course my loyal customers.

I cherish your friendships and thank you for your continued support!

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